Half day Technical Seminar Oct 10th!

Lunch at 12 Noon followed by our first speaker at 1:00 PM.

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Technical Overview of Light Stabilizer Additives for Coatings

Dr. Mouhcine Kanouni- North America Technical Marketing Manager, Clariant Performance Additives



There is currently a clear market demand for improved and cost effective additives for the light stabilization of coatings.

Some examples of new requirements are increased durability of coating on plastics, waterborne coatings with same outdoor performance as solventborne coatings, multifunctional additives for powder coatings to simplify the formulation etc.  In this presentation, we will review the fundamentals of light stabilizer additives as well as the performance results of the latest light stabilizer additive solutions developed for waterborne, solventborne, UV and powder coatings.


Inside the Beltway – US Business and Trade Updates and Predictions

Dan Pickard – Wiley Rein, LLC

President Trump’s campaign focused heavily on international trade issues such as free trade agreements, import tariffs, and support of U.S. jobs and manufacturing. The Trump Administration has already taken important actions in these areas, and many more announcements are expected. The Administration’s actions, however, are creating uncertainties for businesses and governments worldwide.  The presentation will focus on an “Inside-the-Beltway” perspective regarding Presidential appointments and priorities, and discussion and predictions as to what is next for the Trump-led Executive branch and what it will mean for US businesses and global trade.


Why the Coatings Industry Needs Easy Dispersible Powder Pigment Preparations

David White – VP Technical Services, Pan Technology, Inc.

Many coatings companies waste countless hours milling their own dispersions. Others purchase liquid dispersions to avoid the costly grinding process. Easy Dispersible Powder Pigment Preparations eliminate the grinding process while giving higher tinting strength and transparency at equal pigment loading. It is not possible to get the same transparency by dispersing in a liquid medium.

The benefits of easy Dispersible Powder Pigment Preparations are numerous.

  • Zero VOC’s
  • High speed dispersible
  • 100 % solids powder preparations
  • Higher pigment loads than their wet counterparts can achieve
  • Optimal color, transparency and gloss development
  • Non-hazardous storage
  • Organic and inorganic pigments available

Achieve cost reductions through higher tinting strength on a per pound basis versus wet preparations. Factor in the production time and cost savings and you have a winning formula.